Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keely's Words

Things have been very busy lately, but today has been a great day...and it's not even over yet. I went into Keely's room today to get her up. As I laid down on her bed next to her she started feeling my pockets for my iPhone. She then said "I wanna play game." As I said what, surprised that she had said a whole sentence, she said, "now". Such a demanding little girl! But it was still very awesome to hear her putting words together and requesting what she wanted.

Later in the day, she was using her iPad and started spelling out the months of the year all by herself. She then spelled out telepone (one letter off) and took the iPad to the kitchen where the phone is and said, "Telephone Grammie." So we called Grammie. Keely was so excited and just smiling. She seems to be using a lot more words lately, hoping it continues!

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